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released November 30, 2015

Written and Recorded by MAXO
Produced and mixed by VIK

Recorded at RAWSHIT STUDIOS in RIALTO, CA 2015



all rights reserved


BURNT•TAPES Anchorage, Alaska

Record Label ©2014

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Track Name: Never Ever
I laugh about the same shit I cry about
I won't be straight until I got my problems ironed out
It's the profit that I'm eyeing now
My luck ain't been this fucked up
Since they took out my loved one
I called my granny just tell her that I loved her
It's been a minutes since I hugged her
I said these drugs got me fucked up x5
I lost my homie early June that shit fucked me up
Tho I don't show it
Pain bottled
Late night I'm ashing the roaches
usually don't smoke it
But the way the blunt burn..
Ease my mind when I stroke it
I only love her when I'm loaded
But I swear my heart golden
Ever since a kid I struggled with the shit
Doc had me on them pills I blamed my mother for the shit
Ever since then I never put my trust up in a bitch
Or my niggas either
Learned to only trust myself
Till I'm the last nigga breathing
Or the fat woman singing
I waited this long to
Confront my demons
Well shit look at me now
Black and proud
Falling off in the deep end
I wonder what my uncle would tell me if I could see him!
They say go for your goals while you blinking x5
Cuz when the moon comes up u won't be able to see it
That's why everyday my pin carving letters in the margin
Cuz thas the only muthafucking way I can show you that I'm starving .
I'm running laps around the game until they hit me wit a bargain
And it's just me up this shit
No bunks in the coffin
I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death
Light a set and chasing the Henny wit a shot of regret
Track Name: Hello
It's really nothing.
We fucking.
But never loving.
Spending nights in motels.
Made love come out of nothing.
It's really nothing.
We fucking.
But never busing.
Mind gone off the haze.
I'm on the block, nigga whats the word?
It's 20 zips in my pocket.
This isn't me, but I do this shit for profit.
Since a young'n been on the curb.
Ain't been the same since they blew out my cousins brains and left that nigga for dead.
I can cope, Henney straight to the head.
Fuck your statistics.
I'm living without a feeling.
Strattera all in my system.
I'm chillin'.
Willy beamin'.
I'm leaning, Can't get it up.
I'm feinding for all that pussy she throwing.
After this stunt, Man I'm dippin'.
No intentions or mention.
I hit her back though.
Unless she throw it back though.
That's a fact though.
I wouldn't lie to you. x 2.
Because then I tell her like.
Go and see em'.
Homies ride with they tints low.
Fifth grade, popping bars off them windows.
Selling candy up in class when my ends low.
Back then, no food in the fridge though.
Back then my big homie had that hammer tucked.
They plucked that boy before they got to hold that hammer up.
To each his own my nig, I gotta get my shit straight.
I was eleven. I wasn't trying to see the pearly gates.
What I'm supposed to do? This is the life we living.
Grown men killing children, just for the feeling.
Drilling cause you raised by women.
No father figure.
Late night selling dope.
Don't let them coppers get us.
God, forgive us.
Because I tell em' like this..
I tell em'.
Track Name: Maxo
This Henny right here and the bible too long
So, I Guzzle down the liquor.
Put my heart in these songs.
I'm lookin up to a man that I question
Every one of my mistakes another lesson,
A blessings what they call it.
But, I ain't been on that in a minute.
Matter fact man I ain't even wrote a rap in a minute.
Patnas know that I'm sinning
My daddy speechless.
I'm kinda bitter wit my brother
Nah that's the addy speaking
On god I'm seeing shit a lil different now.
Mix the soda wit the act.
I'm actin like I don't be drugging
I ain't been feelin nothin.
Vikadon by the Dozen.
Free Nino that's my cousin.
I ain't braggin bout that life.
But that's my mans.
Yea I love him.
I said this riddlin got me talkin in riddles and.
Keep ya circle tight cuz these
niggas merk you for simple shit.
These bitches on some other my nigga word to my mother.
She tried to rob me right after
I fucked her but I don't judge her.
Yo I swear I never learn.
Track Name: Brother
My patna Rowdy asked me
"Why I gotta be so negative"?
Because I'm hurt and ya’ll neglecting it.
At least my momma know I'm heaven sent..
I pop pill and now I'm floatin
Where the heavens is.
I pray to god my brother
Find where his levers is.
Because lost minds don't get no leverage.
I want u to find ya flaw then better it.
Because right now ya minds separate, it's evident.
On my life I ain't even have to right this shit
Because this is real life and shit.
This life I get is sweeter than a hunny bun.
And bitter as the rum that I'm sippin from.
I numb the pain with these bitches
I use to call them women
But I just cracked the Hennessy
And swallowed my feelings
What a feelin.
It's safe to say my sense left
when my cents left
So I take my pain wit a shot of regret.
Anotha shot then what's next.
A youngin dead from the tec.
She sell pussy for a checks.
New double D's on her chest.
This ain't checkers it's chess.
You gotta earn ya respect.
Don't drown in this pool.
I hope you wore yo vest.
I hope you wore yo vest.
Them bullets got no name.
Headshot hit the deck.
Anotha life to the set.
Track Name: 5AM
Now, I aint trying to sit here and act shit is good when it's not.
I hate crying a lot
I been lying a lot.
Late nights in the bathroom.
I let the shower run.
My thoughts just racing.
Tasting the salt from my tears.
In honesty, if the end was near.
I wouldn't heitate to go.
Don't blame me for my issues.
It's a lot up on my mind.
So, sorry if I dismiss you.
I apologise in advance..
If these songs don't make you dance, but.
This music for the ones with the pills in their hands.
And a gun on they bed.
Just know that it ain't gone jam this time.
So if you gone take you life.
Go head and take your chances.